Pair Programming - What? Why? And How?


Simply put, pair programming is two programmers with a single computer working together to solve a problem!


  • To produce better code
  • To learn more from your peers
  • To learn and practice objectively evaluating possible solutions
  • To collaborate with better programmers


  • The Driver is responsible to coding (owns the keyboard)
  • The Navigator is responsible for reviewing the driver’s work
  • 30 min Rule: Role changes every 20-30min (at a logical break point)
  • Take control of the worl.. err.. keyboar - you drive when you know what to do

Common Sense

  • Respect your peer’s time
  • Collective ownership - Be a team player
  • Communication - Talk to you peer (Speak your mind)
  • Let-go/grab the keyboard when required
  • Let go of your ego, be humble
  • Enjoy coding